Somavedic EMF Protection – Portable


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This is an accessory that is designed to charge on the main somavedic devices and if you don’t have it, the protective effect of the standalone accessories is very limited.

The principle behind Somavedic Portable is brilliantly simple. It’s basically a rechargeable shape emitter.

Portable is made of crystal glass and it has a Somavedic hologram inside. That’s why it can absorb the Somavedic protective energy inside and protect you when you wear it. We recommend charging it overnight by Somavedic Harmony, Sky, Vedic, Ruby, Cobalt, Amber, and Gold models for daily use.

How to use it: Keep it with you throughout the day in your pocket. (Therapist and producer Ivan Rybjanský recommends your right pocket.) In that case, it creates a protective field around your body up to a distance of about 20″!

Material: crystal glass with 3D Somavedic hologram

Diameter: 20 mm

Stays charged for: 4-5hrs