Somavedic EMF Protection – Crystal Pyramid


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This is an accessory that is designed to charge on the main somavedic devices and if you don’t have it, the protective effect of the standalone accessories is very limited.

This Crystal Pyramid helps to amplify the field of Somavedic.

Crystal pyramid – design home decoration

The Somavedic crystal pyramid is a classic pyramidal radiator in the shape of the pyramid of Cheops. The inner Somavedic device’s hologram connects it to the Somavedic’s field and thus increases the energy of the pyramid itself. The primary purpose is to complement Somavedic devices and the charging function. If you charge the pyramid on the top of Somavedic, you can take it with you for traveling for instance.

We recommend keeping the pyramid in the original box when traveling for its security.

Material: crystal glass with 3D hologram of Somavedic inside the pyramid

Diameter: 10 x 10 x 7 cm